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Gary is a 30-year veteran  of the telecommunications and technology industries, as a participant/practitioner (technologist, technical manager, R&D executive) and, now, coach and consultant.  As a coach, Gary specializes in working collaboratively with executives or individual contributors who typically come from science, technology, medical, or other backgrounds that emphasize intellect, analysis, and logic.  For his clients, the demands of joining a new organization and its culture, taking on higher levels of responsibility, working across geographies and cultures, or mastering other career or personal challenges and opportunities often requires growth in relational, rather than purely intellectual, skills – recognizing and regulating emotion and mood, listening more deeply, building trust, mobilizing others, coordinating effectively, achieving influence in the absence of control, and taking effective action in the face of ambiguity, confusion, or conflict. As an organizational consultant, his specialty is multidisciplinary innovation, including individual and team capabilities as well as organizational structure and culture.

Gary brings to his coaching practice more than two decades of experience in the creation and leadership of innovative, strategically significant programs in the telecommunications and technology industries at Bell Laboratories, Telcordia, and Hewlett-Packard. In this work, he hired, supervised, and mentored scores of talented professionals pursuing organizationaland individual excellence as well as personal satisfaction. He managed projects and teams that worked across technical disciplines, business functions, business unit boundaries, and geographies (the United States, Europe, and Asia).  He helped design the HP technical dual ladder and served on the HP Laboratories technical promotions board. 

In addition to his academic and corporate experience, Gary has added further study and training in the human systems elements of change at the individual and organizational level.  He believes that that the critical obstacles to constructive change for individuals rarely arise as a result of lack ability to acquire the necessary knowledge, as traditionally conceived.  Instead, he finds that the most vexing challenges arise when, even after one "knows," he or she still struggles to "do."  He applies a body of knowledge, techniques, and practices to enable the kinds of personal shifts or transformations that can allow his clients to accomplish more for themselves and for those around them than they may have thought possible.

Gary graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Duke University,where he received BSE and PhD degrees in electrical engineering, followed by post-doctoral training in psychology at Duke's Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development.  Gary is a Certified Strozzi Institute Master Somatic Coach and a Certified Hudson Institute Coach.


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