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Certified coach, consultant, and executive with a record of accomplishment in defining and leading multidisciplinary organizations to achieve innovation with strategic impact.  Unusually broad base of technical/management experience spanning most aspects of complex information systems, applications, and operations, including user/customer, business, and organizational issues.  Excel at creating meaningful structure in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity, defining opportunities in the context of business strategy and organizational reality, building and leading teams, and developing key personnel to produce innovative solutions.


GRADIENT COACHING, Palo Alto, CA.                                                       2006-present


·         Specialize in working collaboratively with executives or individual contributors who typically come from science, technology, medical, or other backgrounds that emphasize intellect, analysis, and logic. For these clients, the demands of joining a new organization and its culture, taking on higher levels of responsibility, working across geographies and cultures, or mastering other career or personal challenges and opportunities often requires growth in relational, rather than purely intellectual, skills – recognizing and regulating emotion and mood, listening more deeply, building trust, mobilizing others, coordinating effectively, achieving influence in the absence of control, and taking effective action in the face of ambiguity, confusion, or conflict. 

·     Consult in the area of multidisciplinary innovation, including individual and team capabilities as well as organizational structure and culture.

HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY, Palo Alto, CA,and Bristol, UK.                       1994-2005

Laboratory Director, Consumer Applications and Systems, HP Labs (2002-2005)

·        Created a new organization to support HP’s new strategy of profitable growth in the consumer “digital convergence” arena; innovation strategy coupled a new consumer-centered design research capability with existing core competencies in distributed computing and software architecture.

·        Built relationships with relevant HP business organizations, including solution R&D, marketing, corporate design, public relations, and analyst relations, to gain alignment with plan of record and allow transfer of early results into HP’s external marketing efforts.

·        Considering HP capabilities and strategy, intellectual property, eventual market size and profitability, and disruptive potential, established a portfolio of mid- and long-term innovation projects spanning a range of consumer experiences, including mass-customized video entertainment delivery, context-based mobile entertainment, personal lifestyle enhancement, and social use of personal media.

Laboratory Director, HP Labs; Director, Emerging Markets Platforms and Solutions (2000-2002)

·        In the face of rapid commoditization of HP’s core products, investigated how to stimulate innovation in HP Labs' technology programs by identifying and validating emergent opportunities appearing at the confluence of technology with end user, organizational, economic, social, and business factors. 

·        Established a new HP Labs entity in Bangalore, India, chartered specifically to create technology suitable for developing economies, and co-led effort to define research agenda and strategies, chose lab site and partners, and recruited Lab Director.  Served as CTO for HP’s World E-Inclusion initiative.

·        As Director of Platforms and Solutions within HP’s corporate World e-Inclusion program, pursued opportunities for existing or easily enhanced HP product and solution capabilities that would foster economic and social development in emerging economies and simultaneously profitably expand HP’s customer base.  Initial project focus was India and South Africa. 

·        Evaluated existing business unit R&D activities and business initiatives in target countries, generated primary customer research in target geographies, and identified and developed solution concepts, including creating prototypes.  Solutions addressed cost-reducing personal computing, entrepreneurship opportunities using digital photography, and enhanced information delivery and acquisition using technologies for recognition and synthesis of local languages.

Laboratory Director, Internet and Mobile Systems, HP Labs (1994-2000)

·        Joined HP to build a technology program on digital delivery of entertainment and information services to consumers, growing a handful of staff with a Telco-based interactive video focus into a broad Internet research program comprising 80 technical staff split between Palo Alto and Bristol,UK.

·        Directed lab investments toward the implications of a pervasive Internet, creating a two part agenda for business opportunities for HP: 1) Internet service delivery infrastructure; and 2) opportunities in a world of nomadic users moving through an environment of web-connected appliances and devices. 

·        Technology and intellectual property had broad impact across HP, including HP corporate strategy, corporate marketing, business unit strategy, business product capabilities, and HP’s IP portfolio.  Specific impacts included: HP’s industry-leading MediaStream video server products; Agilent’s Firehunter Pro product; HP’s WebQoS product family, and mmonOpenView’s multicast management capability; SoftDSP, signal processing realized in theHP/UX and Linux kernels that was the core technology in HP’s OpenCall MediaPlatform; HP’s Utility Data Center; HP’s Secure Web Console; the HP ChaiServer Platform; and the Cooltown architecture, demonstration, and technology suite for web services delivered through appliances, including a series of fundamental patents covering web-enabled home and office appliances.


Executive Director, Applied Research Area, BELL COMMUNICATIONS RESEARCH (Telcordia)

·     Established Bellcore's applied research program on system architecture and software platforms to support application creation and management on both narrowband/voice and broadband network infrastructures; founded and led a multidisciplinary systems research organization from conception to a final level of 30 full time research professionals.  Led creation of the research program, which addressed complexity, extensibility, robustness, and scalability of telecommunications control software through system prototypes and operational services/software experiments.

Supervisor, Member of Technical Staff, BELL TELEPHONE LABORATORIES

·        Defined and evaluated (in terms of performance, protocol compatibility, engineering economics) system architectures for consumer information services distributed over wirepair and CATV facilities, including AT&T's LADT X.25 access system, Datakit™ systems, and AT&T's videotext and "realtext" consumer trials.

·        In the Human Factors Engineering organization, conducted large-scale interview, questionnaire, and observational research studies of job design, work automation, customer contact operations design, and service quality measurement for AT&T's business offices.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development, DUKE UNIVERSITYMEDICAL CENTER

·        Conducted psychophysical studies to understand the basis for “social hearing loss” in normal aging.


30+ refereed conference papers,journal publications, book chapters, and panel presentations at research conferences, on broad range of topics including human psychophysics, computer-human interaction, telecommunications network services, architecture, and technology, database architecture, and information technologies for emerging economies.


B.S.E. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, DukeUniversity; minor in Experimental Psychology.  Graduated magna cum laude; elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta, Pi, Sigma Xi.  Halstead Fellowship recipient.

Certified Hudson Institute Coach (CHIC) and Certified Strozzi Institute Master Somatic Coach.

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