Why might I need someone else to help me define my goals?

My experience with myself, and what I’ve observed with the people I’ve been coaching, is that, no matter how brilliant and successful any of us might think we are, we all live unconsciously within a set of self-imposed constraints, a kind of an invisible "box." This is all fine until living within the box doesn’t provide the benefits that are desired (or, the current state of affairs is becoming unbearable). The challenge then is to imagine what life would be outside the box, to become aware of the outlines of the box itself (assumptions, beliefs, and unrecognized behaviors), and to attempt, practice, and sustain new behaviors and beliefs that create new, desired possibilities. What a coach can do (in contrast to a therapist, a mentor, an advisor, or a consultant) is: to help gain clarity about future goals: to build awareness of current beliefs, behaviors, and "conditioned tendencies;" and, to provide, encourage, and monitor practices that allow for new behaviors, and new, better, outcomes.

If you are happy with the status quo, or if you are engaged in a change and are happy with the progress you are making, then you most likely are not considering a coach.

If you don't like where you are, or you are struggling to reach something that's important to you, then a coach might have value to you.